Photography for Hotels

Photography for Hotels presents accommodation facilities to the world in such a way that the particularity, beauty and uniqueness of each facility can fully appreciated.

“A hotel must be described through photographs that combine clear images of the product and evocative ideas, thereby increasing the likelihood of a high occupancy rate”.

What is the main goal of photography for hotels?

“A customized photo shoot enhances a hotel just as a tailored suit enhances a person”.

An expert in hotel photography guarantees superior results if compared with a non-specialized photographer. A hotel is a highly complex business that is based on numerous services: every department possesses unique aspects, each of which can be highlighted by means of photos to optimize sales.

A photo shoot cannot be considered successful if the photos are artificial and therefore untrue; likewise, if the photos are not sufficiently captivating, it will be harder to attract the potential guest.

A photo shoot can be considered to have achieved its aim when a guest arrives at the hotel and comments: “we chose this hotel upon seeing the photographs and it is exactly as we imagined it to be”.

A good hotel photo shoot increases guest confidence

A good photo shoot is the first element that communicates effectively with the guest. Thanks to this tool, the visitor immediately understands that the property or management cares about the optimal functioning of their facility. The guests perceive that their experience in that hotel will be positive.
Photographic storytelling based on professional images reassures us that the bed will be well made, that a delicious breakfast will be served and that the staff will be courteous, competent and professional.

What benefits can a hotel manager get from this service?

“I know clients who have, thanks to a good photo shoot of their accommodation facility, reported an increase in turnover exceeding 40%”.

An effective photographic service for hotels is always a winning sales & marketing tool that is particularly important for hotels that have just opened because it immediately results in a good occupancy rate. The image and economic benefits of this tool are important, real and concrete.

“I did a pre-opening photo shoot in a country house in Tuscany. Half of the hotel was already full on the day of the inauguration. A guest told the manager: “Although I was initially uncertain whether to book because of your lack of your online reputation, I decided to do so on the strength of the photos, which are beautiful.” This means having hit the target: a good hotel photo shoot can overcome the resistance of potential guests even before it has built up a reputation”.

The value of customized communication

“I strongly believe in photographic storytelling: reading images allows you to immediately identify the various types of hotels and their respective services”.

There are numerous types of hotels: strictly business hotels in urban centers, leisure hotels in the countryside or in villages, accommodation facilities in cities of art, resorts, hotels in the mountains or on the Riviera, Spas or hotels focused on congresses. There are family-run hotels or hotels that belong to chains: each type of hotel offers specific products that must be enhanced through customized photography.

A “tailor made” shooting to optimize ranking

“It is not possible to improvise as a hotel photographer. To make the most of what is being photographed, it is essential to know the distribution channels of the images and their respective technical requirements”

To optimize the effectiveness of the photo shoot and its costs, it is imperative that the hotel photographer have an excellent knowledge of the different departments of the hotel and the products they offer. The photographer must also have an excellent knowledge of the distribution channels in which the photos are to be used as this will optimize the ranking of the images according to their destination of use. The website, the OTA (online travel agency) and the social platforms all have different parameters: for example, requires several descriptive images of the same room, while Instagram stipulates that more evocative, nearly square photos be used.

The synergy with the hotel manager is fundamental

The photo shoot is the result of the collaboration, based on listening and understanding, that is established with the hotel management or the property according to specific sales & marketing strategies. My goal is to establish a relationship of exchange and mutual enrichment with my client that is aimed at optimally presenting the business.

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