Photographing interiors of a hotel

“Before photographing the interiors of a hotel, I send the owner or hotel management a document of specifications that includes some tips and tricks that can be applied to perform the photo shoot more efficiently”.

In a hotel photo shoot, the preparation phase can significantly improve the results, thereby optimizing production times and, consequently, also the costs.

Photographing a hall

“We must bring out the space by photographing it from the best angles with a technical mastery of natural and artificial light”.

The hall is the least profitable hotel space because the hotelier does not derive a direct profit from it. Consequently, the presence of a bar has taken on an increasingly important role in the most modern facilities.
Should the hall and interiors be photographed during the day or in the evening? Or at both times? The choice depends on what the structure offers.
The photo should never be improvised. A good photo must be planned and be taken at the best time, i.e. when the lighting conditions are ideal.
A very advanced technical knowledge of light management, the use of additional flash and, later, photo editing are indispensable to enhance both natural and artificial light.

Shots of rooms

“The photographs of the rooms must be both descriptive (for sales purposes) and evocative (for marketing purposes).”

The photographs of the rooms are very important. It is advisable that each type of room be photographed and the work be properly planned: before the shoot starts, each room must be prepared down to the smallest detail.
Examples of the details to focus on: the bed sheets must be tightly stretched and be wrinkle-free and the windows perfectly clean.

To photograph the interiors of a hotel, an adequate technical mastery of the photographic equipment is essential. One such example is the use of the wide-angle lens, which must not result in distorted vertical lines.
Another important technical aspect is having the lights on in the room, though carefully controlled.

Photos of restaurants

“Within the context of hotel food & beverage, I take shots of the spaces, services and products: photographing all these aspects enhances the entire accommodation facility”.

Nowadays, photos of hotel restaurants focus on the dishes. Immortalizing the space and design alone is no longer enough as guests expect an overview of the quality of the food as well as of the wines.

Photos of the breakfast buffet are essential because they make a significant contribution to selling the rooms, but they must be taken with an international hotel culture in mind. For example, as savoury food is commonly eaten in the morning throughout the world, a photograph of a continental breakfast alone is insufficient; the photographs must also focus on cold cuts, cheeses, scrambled eggs etc.

Photos in the kitchen

“Some hoteliers have invested heavily in the kitchen and want to portray it. Although I don’t think this is the space guests pay most attention to, if it is considered to be an important part of the hotel structure, it does need to be portrayed in the right way”.

If the client wishes to draw attention to the kitchen, a visual product that tells a story will be submitted. We can show the kitchen staff in action as they work and prepare the dishes. Black and white, reportage-style photos can also be taken to describe the behind-the-scenes activity involved in creating the dishes and food.

Shots of the wellness area

“I suggest that the presentation of the SPA be told through images that arouse emotions with which guests can identify”.

The images of the wellness area in a hotel must also be planned according to the vocational identity of the structure: if the hotel is linked to the fashion world, a cool approach will be ideal; if it is instead a thermal spa center, images that refer to the theme of health will be effectual.
In all cases, the hotel SPA must arouse emotions with which the visitors can identify. The portrayal of surreal girls who are too young and perfect to be true is counterproductive. Photos of a middle-aged couple or a woman with an intellectual and professional air about her are the type of true images that will appeal to the client and guide their choice.
If you portray a hotel in the mountains that focuses on healthy holidays, you may wish to portray a mature couple, an important segment of the market in this sector.

Meeting & congress photographs

“The key question is always: who needs the photos, who will look at them?”.

Photographs of the various set-ups of the large, open spaces illustrates what meeting services are available at the accommodation facility. This is an important market segment that allows hotels that would otherwise be seasonal to stay open longer during the year.

Photography for hotels enhances the visibility of such spaces and illustrates all the additional products offered. What makes an event attractive are often the side experiences, such a ride in vintage cars or a sightseeing tour, which can be illustrated in photos.
Photographing the meeting spaces may also provide an opportunity to present other noteworthy aspects of that specific hotel.

Life-style photographs

“To achieve an optimal result, you need to work with professional models”.

Inserting lifestyle photos in the hotel shoot is a good choice. I can deliver excellent results even by portraying ordinary people, i.e. the staff, though I recommend, whenever possible, that exclusively professional models be used for this type of work: the person being photographed needs to know how to act in front of a camera to ensure that the final result is excellent.

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